4 Brands That Made the Most of the Super Bowl Blackout

Although both the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens were major winners in the social space this week, the accounts that caught our eye were the ones that took the most unexpected part of Sunday’s game and turned it into a humorous branding opportunity. The power may have gone out, but the following social media teams didn’t miss a beat.


Audi used the blackout as a chance to make a humorous dig at competitor Mercedes-Benz — the Superdome’s namesake. Although it can be a risk to have a major brand send out a tweet like that, a quick glance at the number of retweeets and favorites tells us that that tweet paid off for Audi.


Tide went into the Super Bowl with some solid branding strategies underway. The brand’s commercial was scheduled to air during the 4th quarter and the social discussion surrounding the brand’s clever #MiracleStain was gaining momentum when the power went out. Undeterred, the Tide social team got creative and crafted the above tweet, taking advantage of the #blackout hashtag.


Just a few minutes before Tide’s cleverly crafted post hit the Twittersphere, Oreo took the blackout as inspiration to create their own visual and hilarious tweet promoting their own brand. With over 14,000 retweets, it’s clear that Oreo’s social media team scored a touchdown with this tweet.

Doctor Who

The Brits got in on the fun Sunday night, too. The long-running British TV show “Doctor Who” is gearing up to return in March, and the show’s social team found an opportunity to use the game’s blackout as a chance to entertain fans and make reference to one of the show’s most terrifying characters.

What other brands ruled the Super Bowl social sphere? Tell us about them and their game-winning tweets in the comments below.