Red Bull Fuels Millennial Image with Content Marketing

Whether you know it or not, you’re probably familiar with Red Bull‘s content marketing efforts. The Red Bull Stratos Live Jump – a world record breaking freefall from space – was a culmination of the brands self-pronounced “epic” content marketing program. Let’s take a closer look at Red Bull’s attempt to reel users in with high octane content. Previously, we’ve covered examples of awesome content marketing like Cracked. Let’s see how a consumer beverage brand stacks up.

Millennial-focused content

Rather than writing article after article on the world’s favorite energy drink (and really, who wants to read that?), Red Bull focuses on topics that many Millennials care about: movies, music and extreme sports.

Red Bull Content

Multimedia content

There are plenty of articles to read on redbull.com, but format goes beyond the written word with photos, music, games and Red Bull TV – “your exclusive wingman to the best seats at spectacular sporting and cultural experiences worldwide – all without having to leave your location or put down your mobile phone.”

Red Bull TV

Mobile-friendly content

The site is optimized for mobile, making it easy to browse the menu, read articles or watch videos on the go.

Red Bull Mobile

Lighthearted email collection

There’s a chance that visitors will return to Red Bull’s site based on quality content, but a clever email collection process ups the ante. The self-deprecating line, “Sign Up for Red Bull Spam” is a funny (yet seemingly dangerous) way to catch visitor interest. Click through to find a quick intake form that lets users choose the type of content they would like to receive (action sports, music and entertainment, etc.), and even take a look at a sample email. It’s welcome relief in a world where most brands deliver real spam in place of content.

Red Bull Email Marketing

Which consumer-facing content marketing sites do you admire?