3 Ways to Make Content That Stands Out


Content marketing continues to grow and grow. More and more brands are adopting robust content strategies, and investing time and money in the creation of blogs, videos, podcasts, and every other type of content under the sun. For the most part, this is great. Content marketing SHOULD be an essential part of every brand’s marketing mix. However, as the market becomes saturated with more content, the people viewing said content don’t suddenly have more time to read all of it. That is to say- we are now reaching a point where lots of content- even really good content, won’t be viewed because people simply don’t have time to read all of it.

So, it becomes more and more important to create content that stands out from the pack.

Here are 3 Ways to Make Content That Stands Out

Throw Out the Rules

First and foremost: forget every rule you have ever read about content marketing. “Only write blogs that are 300-500 words.” “People only really skim the headlines so include a lot of headlines.” You’ve probably heard a million rules like this, and generally, yes they are good rules of thumb. But the truth is, you need to tell your brand story in the best way possible and if that means writing a 1500 word blog, or recording a series of 20 minute long YouTube videos, then go ahead and do it. Authentic content doesn’t always fit into a neat box.

Mobile Optimize Your Content

We’ve been saying for years that mobile is the future and that everyone needs to have a mobile marketing strategy. With that said- it is SHOCKING how many content sites are not mobile-optimized. Content that is not mobile-optimized is content that will not be viewed or in some cases can’t be viewed on iPhones, Android phones, iPads, and a multitude of other devices. This means that your content will be ignored for content that viewers CAN look at. It’s 2015- mobile-optimize your content!

Be Honest About the Quality of What You’re Making

Take a very serious look at the content your competitors are making. Then look at yours. Ask yourself- and be brutally honest when you answer- is your content better than theirs? Does it stand out? If you can’t really, truly say yes, then you need to seriously re-asses what you’re doing from a content marketing perspective. If no one in your organization possesses the ability to make content that is superior to your competition, consider hiring a content pro who CAN make content that your fans will actually want to engage with.


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