Quora for Foodies in 3 Steps

food quora banner

If you run a restaurant or other food-related business, you might not see much value in turning your attention to anything in the digital space beyond a site, a Facebook page and a Yelp page. Actually, establishing a presence on a social site like Quora can help you promote your brand and establish your expertise just by answering a few questions. We’ve laid out a plan for Quora for foodies in just three steps.

Create an account establishing your food authority.

You’ll want to set up a personal account, where a name and face from your brand is speaking on behalf of the entire business. It could be your head chef, the owner of the business, or another employee, but make sure that it’s someone who already has a certain amount of authority and expertise associated with their name. Having a waitress sign up and speak for your brand isn’t as effective or powerful as having your executive chef, so choose wisely.

Share background info through your bio line.

When you go to answer a question or create a post, your name will be followed by a kind of one-line bio. It allows you to mention your business, your position and your experience, so be sure to state them. This is what will bring attention to your brand, and convince people of your expertise before they even read your answer.

Follow topics, answer questions and vote up correct responses.

Follow cooking and food related topics (get started here) and then monitor them. Try to avoid old posts, mainly because an answer has probably already been given and there’s little traffic going to the question. Keep an eye out for new questions that you can lend your expertise to and answer concisely. If you’re not the first one to a question, or if someone beats you to your answer, don’t worry about it. Go ahead and ‘vote up’ that answer you agree with to help build networking relationships.

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