5 Creative Ways to Utilize Foursquare’s Post Check-In Ads

foursquare ads

AdAge recently brought some good news to brand marketers, especially those operating on a hyperlocal level. Foursquare has begun rolling out post check-in ads to its users. So far, the service has been offered to just a handful of brands, including Captain Morgan and Toys ‘R’ Us, but chances are the service will gradually begin rolling out to others relatively soon.

The ads are served after a user checks in to an establishment, and cannot be based on driving traffic away from a rival business. They can, however, target users based on where they check in at nearby non-rival locations and drive them to take some other sort of brand-related action. How could your brand use these ads to your advantage? We’ve got a few ideas to get the ball rolling…


Toy and kid-friendly brands could target users who check-in at parks. Serving families with ads for a percentage off their next purchase of toys or clothing while they’re in a spot where their own child’s clothes or toys could get ruined, broken or lost, is smart targeting and likely to inspire a conversion.

Bars & Restaurants

Local breweries and national spirit brands can target users who check in at bars or restaurants and encourage them to request their own brand. They could also spur users to request specialty cocktails using their brand instead of their old standby brand of choice.

Fashion District

Local salons can target user who check in to nearby boutiques and other clothing shops with tempting offers on highlights, a haircut or a manicure/pedicure package. It’ll encourage them to head their way after buying their new wardrobe and continue a day filled with shopping and pampering.


Targeting users who check into gyms, yoga or Pilates studios is a great move for a brand like lululemon, Ellie or any other activewear brand to take. Users could be reminded of their activewear that’s seen better days, and could be inspired to go shopping after burning a few calories.

Hotels & Motels

Users checking in to a local hotel are likely from out of town and looking to see the best the city has to offer. Local hotspots like museums, restaurants, bars and tour companies can target these individuals with irresistible deals that are likely to make their stay more pleasant.

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