+Post Ads Roll Out to Google Plus Users, Advertisers

+post ads

Since Google Plus champion Vic Gundotra announced his exit last week, the tech community has begun speculating what will become of the social media underdog. Although the future might be uncertain, one thing is certain — Google Plus advertising features are now being rolled out to more than a select group.

+post ads

In a recent blog post, the Google Plus team announced that users with more than 1,000 followers now have the ability to create +Post Ads. Like Promoted Facebook Posts and Promoted Tweets, advertisers can pick a specific piece of content that they want to boost engagement around. Unlike Facebook and Twitter’s offering, though, +Post Ads turns those posts into display ads that run across the web in Google’s display network. Although it’s just been introduced to Google Plus users as a whole, the initial test period suggests that these ads have an advantage over other display ads. A +Post campaign for Toyota USA reportedly saw a 50% higher engagement rate than the industry average for rich media ads.

In addition to this feature, advertisers can promote hangouts via +Post Ads, and even automatically have Google Plus promote their most recent Plus post.

What are your thoughts? Are you eager to test out this new advertising feature? Or is it a feature that you just can’t imagine your brand using? Share your thoughts with us!