Placed Attribution Traces the Path to Store Visits

placed attribution

When your goal is foot traffic and not online sales, it can be hard to determine how your online efforts are impacting your in-store sales. Unless you’re offering a print coupon specifically to your Facebook audience, it’s hard to determine who is coming from where and follows you on what. That’s where Placed Attribution comes in.

Placed helps brand marketers measure the offline impact of their mobile campaigns. Placed Insights measures nearly 100,000,000 locations a day from over 100,000 opted-in panelists, and with the Placed Graph, Placed can incorporate markers representing exposure to mobile ads and attribute that back to an in-store visit.

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The reports generated from the campaigns helps marketers see the relationship between store visits and the number of impressions going out every day, as well as the characteristics of the audience being shown the ads. Age, sex, education, income and location are all taken into account and analyzed.

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