Great News for Foodies: Pinterest Recipes Search Expands

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Excellent news, foodies. Pinterest has expanded the ability for users to search for recipes, giving your content an even better chance of being found. To discover these recipes, simply search for a dish or an ingredient ¬†and then narrow your search by filtering “All Recipes,” or by selecting a specific diet, like “Paleo” or “Vegan.”

pinterest recipes

Obviously, this is great news for foodies, dieters and people looking to expand their culinary skills, but it also represents an incredible opportunity for food and health-related brands. Being able to more easily search and find recipes, makes it easier for Pinners to find, share and follow your recipe content. At the same time, though, it emphasizes the importance of having the best pin possible for your dish. To improve the odds of your Pinterest recipes being found…

Apply for Rich Pins access

Rich Pins allow you to give more descriptive, information packed pins. For recipes, it allows you to give the details of the recipe itself, including measurements and oven temperatures, as well as assign a recipe category to it. Apply for Rich Pin access here.

Make sure your imagery works well within the restraints of Pinterest

Pinterest is all about imagery, so the bigger, brighter and more attractive your imagery is, the more likely it’ll be to attract users’ attention. Aside from making sure the food looks great, make sure that the image is up to snuff when it comes to size and dimensions. For more information on that, check out this Pinterest image size cheat sheet.

Make sure the content links back to your desired source

Remember, aside from getting users to engage with and follow your Pinterest account, you want them to visit your site or blog. Make sure that your pin links back to your desired source, whether it’s your site, or your blog. If you post it without the source url, edit it and make sure you add it in.

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