Pinterest Introduces Info-Packed Pins

Pinterest Useful Pins

Today Pinterest revealed an exciting new feature that will let brands and publishers pack more information into each pin. Before, when a user saw a pin they liked they had to click through to the brand’s website to get details. This new feature lets users see product specs, recipe details and other bulleted info directly beneath the pin.

What does this mean for brands?

This alters the dynamic slightly from “I hope this user likes my image and caption enough to click through to my website” to “here’s an image and a quick spec sheet on this product or content.” You might even say it’s taking pins one step closer to a traditional advertisement by layering information on top of that all-important visual element. So far, there are three main categories for the detailed pins: product, recipe and movie.

Product pins display pricing, availability and information about where to buy. Pinterest initially rolled this out to popular brands including Anthropologie, Etsy and REI.

Product Pin

Recipe pins include ingredients, cook time and servings. Examples from brands and blogs include Bon Appetit, The Kitchn and Whole Foods.

Recipe Pin

Movie pins have content ratings and casting information and are already being implemented by Flixster, Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes.

Movie Pin

A small branded icon below the image indicates whether or not that pin has this new “more information” feature.

Useful Pins