BlackBerry, Apple iOS Tied in Marketing Exec Usage Study

Is there a marketing/communications industry standard for smartphones?

The CMOs of the world guide marketing strategies that touch millions of lives every day. We wanted to know what they rely on for daily necessities like mobile email, calls and apps. Surely there’s some deep insight that can be gleaned from knowing what the tastemakers of the world choose to manage their daily mobile lives.

It turns out Apple iOS and Blackberry are the operating systems of choice, with Android coming in at a close third. The data is wide open to interpretation, and as iOS 5 rolls out this month we’ll be watching to see how these numbers change.

Of noteĀ a recent Nielsen survey says 40% of Americans currently utilize a smartphone. Our data shows that in the marketing/communications industry, that number nearly doubles to 75%.

We are diehard iPhone fans here at lonelybrand. Do you have an operating system preference? What makes your mobile OS of choice the winner?