There’s an App for That: FYI Fly

The featured app this week is FYI Fly, a location-based service that allows users to find out what’s going on nearby by searching a wealth of categories like: Arts/Crafts, Educational, Volunteer, Festivals/Community, Drinks/Happy Hours, etc.

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Once you find an event that you’re interested in, you can see who else is attending, or choose to ‘attend’ the event yourself. There is also an option to  share the event on Twitter or Facebook. If you have your own event, you can add it to the database. Even though there are a lot of events-based apps and sites out there we love FYI Fly’s simplicity and low barrier to entry for new users.

Revolutionary? Yep.

What to do, what to do? FYI Fly solves that problem in a user-friendly way by allowing users to find cool nearby events based on stated interests and peer feedback. By geolocating on demand it’s providing the kind of instant gratification that makes it hard to remember what we did before the app era.