There’s an App for That: CardMunch by LinkedIn

mobile, apps, linkedin   mobile, apps, linkedin

You may have used the earlier version of CardMunch to import business cards onto your phone. Well, when LinkedIn acquired CardMunch, they took the app to the next level.

When you scan a card, the app automatically integrates profile data with the cards so you not only see the info contained on the card, but also the contact’s LinkedIn profile, photos of contacts, common connections and everything else you would find on the actual platform.

You also have the option to add contacts to you phonebook, connect on LinkedIn, view your entire collection of cards, or add notes to cards within the application.

Plus, just like the recently released LinkedIn app it’s easy to navigate and nice to look at.

You can find CardMunch in the iTunes App Store. Have an app you think is revolutionary? Let us know by commenting below or connecting with lonelybrand on Twitter.