There’s an App for That: GoGoCMO

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Who says mobile apps can’t help C-levels take on big challenges?

GoGoCMO was built to help marketing decision makers access the information they need on the go. The app offers over 75 marketing formulas in over 10 marketing disciplines so that you can calculate and analyze important marketing metrics from the board meeting, bar, burger joint…wherever.

Users can look up formulas alphabetically, search by title or add most-used formulas to favorites for easy access. You can even send findings to coworkers, or look up questions on the GoGoCMO blog.

Revolutionary? Yep.

GoGoCMO makes a day in the life of a marketing exec just a little bit easier by offering a quick way to formulate ROI and other metrics. When you don’t always have time to sit down and look up an answer,  a well-crafted mobile app can offer a fast and simple solution. Check out GoGoCMO in the app store.

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