Meet Paul Dickens

Meet our new Digital Content Developer, Paul Dickens.

Paul, in his words

I was born and raised in Columbus, OH. I attended college at Miami University in Oxford, OH, moving to Chicago in 2007.

After writing freelance for a couple of years, I worked in a tech-minded editorial role with Groupon for a roller-coaster of a year from 2009 to 2010, and then was a web and print copy editor for The Onion/A.V. Club before coming here to lonelybrand.

What are your guilty pleasures?

• Asking my dog, Ella, “Who’s a good little direwolf?” far too often (and making references to Game of Thrones in unrelated situations)

• Continuing to be an Ohio State Buckeye fan in public

• Whiskey—in moderation, of course

What are your favorite recent tech trends, apps, or digital happenings?

• It’s exciting to see companies really getting active and innovative in web marketing. It’s a much more enjoyable customer experience to know a real, live human is talking to you, even in the digital realm.

Google Music, which allows us Android folks to stop carrying around a phone and an iPod, is a good example of how the cloud movement and streaming content make accessing information more convenient than ever, be it multimedia or documents.

• There’s a Dutch app developer called Orange Pixel that has been putting out some great retro-style games for smart phones (Stardash, Meganoid). They’re in classic Super Mario Bros. style and play well enough on a small touch screen to nudge ahead of Angry Birds on my morning commute (which is quite a feat to me).