Local Businesses! Customers Don’t Care About These Site Features

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Without a doubt, some site features are more important to customers than others. We recently covered the top 10 elements that customers look for when browsing a local business’s site, but there are also elements that seem to have little or no effect on a customer’s purchasing decision at all…or so they say. Thanks to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, we’ve found the least important site features (according to customers).

  • Testimonials
  • Store finder tool
  • Fast website speed
  • Accreditations
  • Pictures of staff
  • Mobile site
  • Blog/FAQ content

Some of these make sense. A local business with only a couple of locations doesn’t really need something like a store finder tool. Simply listing the physical addresses, as well as the contact information, for both locations is sufficient. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore or disregard the rest of these elements altogether. Which of these elements should you continue to pay attention to?

Testimonials & Accreditations

In a separate survey conducted by BrightLocal in 2013, the team found that 85% of those surveyed said they read online reviews for local businesses. Being able to provide those reviews (or a link to them) on your site itself can save consumers time while also building trust. The same can be said for your accreditations. Even if one customer doesn’t believe that the testimonials or accreditations directly influence their purchasing decisions, there is a potential customer out there who will definitely respond positively to their presence.

Site Speed

Generally, the longer a page takes to load, the more likely a site visitor is to simply abandon it…whether or not that visitor realizes it. Just because consumers say other site elements are more important than site speed, it doesn’t mean that site speed should be disregarded. Ensure that your site speed is up to snuff, and you’ll be able to keep visitors on your site longer.

Mobile Site

Customers may not think much about a local business’s mobile site, but 61% of users make local searches from a mobile device. If a business they browse has a site that’s a pinch and zoom nightmare, that’s definitely going to factor into their decision to visit and make a purchase. You should still take the time to create a responsive or mobile version of your site that will cater to those local searchers.

Blog/FAQ Content

Blogs and FAQs rounded out the bottom of the list, but they definitely deserve your local business’s attention. Not only do they provide a space for you to address commonly asked questions, they also provide you with an excellent opportunity to improve your search engine ranking. Now, a blog isn’t something that you should create just because of the SEO benefits. After all, if you’re not planning on updating it consistently with quality content, you’re better off without one. But, if it fits your business’s point of view, and would benefit your site visitors, definitely consider creating a blog or FAQ section that your loyal customers will be able to refer to as needed.

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