5 Ways to Optimize Your Local Service’s Mobile Presence

We know that mobile search and local business were made for each other. Research has shown that 61% of users make local searches from a mobile device, and that a good percentage of them are looking for professional services. A recent study found that in the past year, 21% of mobile users searched for professional services using a smartphone, while 12% made similar searches using a tablet. Of course, if your business doesn’t have a site optimized for mobile browsing, you’ll probably lose most of your searchers right away. To keep searchers on your site, and encourage them to become customers, here are five great elements that your mobile site should include.

Include a “tap to call” button and highlight it

local mobile search

What do you want potential customers to do? Make an appointment? Request a consultation? Create a call to action button that makes it easy for them to see to complete this action. It could be a “Tap to call” button or just a general “Make an appointment” button that gives the customer multiple options (e.g. call, text or email). Make it large so it’s easy to tap, and label it clearly so it’s easy to identify.

Include a link for directions

local mobile search

Whether or not your service/business is one that customers would visit on a whim, be sure to include an easy to find link to give them directions. In the example above it’s located in the PPC ad, but it should also have a home on your regular mobile site. Just like the “Tap to call” button, the link for directions should be displayed prominently.

Include mobile-exclusive offers in your PPC ads for added incentive

local mobile search

How many of your customers found you by searching on a mobile device? A good way to find out is to create mobile-exclusive offers. By creating unique incentives, you can easily track where new customers are coming from. If you find that a large portion of your new clients are coming from mobile searches, it  could prompt you to revamp your mobile site or your mobile PPC campaign. Not to mention, adding that incentive in your PPC ads can bring additional taps and clicks to your site.

Include all essential info on your site

local mobile search

The simpler your mobile site, the easier it will be for your customers to navigate. That said, make sure that it includes all the essential information that people will be looking for, like business hours, pricing and a list of your services.

Link your mobile site to mobile PPC campaigns

local mobile searchThis seems obvious, but it bears repeating. Make sure that your mobile site/landing page is what greets mobile users when they tap your search results or your mobile PPC ad. If it’s linked to your desktop site/landing page, you’ll only frustrate viewers and turn them off from your services. You can also customize your ads to assure searchers that the page they’ll find after tapping the ad is mobile optimized, find out how here.

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