Building Interactive Content Just Got Easier Thanks to These Tools

interactive content tools

We know that interactive content is the way to go. We’ve even looked at great examples from brands who’ve already begun embracing it. But what about building it? You’re used to creating static content, but creating interactive content could be a new and intimidating experience for you. To help you navigate through these new waters, we’ve found a few interactive content tools that will help you build four of the most common types of engaging content. Check them out below.


Forget boring text-heavy white papers, interactive eBooks are now the best way to share your information and expertise to the rest of your industry. To spread your knowledge in a more engaging way you can create your own eBook by using a tool like iBooks, or you can defer to the expertise of a publisher like Kitaboo which will do most of the heavy lifting for you, leaving you with a fantastic, interactive piece that is sure to get you noticed.


If you have confusing software or even a confusing purchasing process, creating a tutorial can help guide customers and get them through the conversion process in an effective way. If a text based tutorial is right for your needs, a service like Tildee can help you create one in no time. If you’re looking to create a guided video tutorial, like one that allows you to demonstrate and record your computer screen activity, a service like Screenr will be a huge help.


Worksheets are great for financial blogs and sites, but calculators are even better. They can help boost return traffic by becoming a tool that your customers refer to on a regular basis. To create a simple, no frills calculator, simply refer to this How-To from Microsoft and open Excel.

Digital lookbooks

Digital lookbooks can give users a full view of your products without using a boring image gallery. It can also make shopping and searching for products more engaging for consumers. If you’d rather trust your lookbook in the hands of an experience professional, a service like Zmags can get you up and running. If you’re the do-it-yourself type, though, take a look at this tutorial from Moonfruit.

Don’t know why interactive content is so important? Take a look at this research from Demand Metric to learn more.