Intelligentsia Coffee Connoisseur’s iPhone App

mobile apps, coffeeThe Intellgentsia iPhone app made its way onto our blog for three reasons:

  1. If not for coffee lonelybrand might cease to function. It just so happens that our current brew of choice is Intelligentsia.
  2. Intelligentsia started out in home sweet Chicago, just a quick #36 bus ride from the lb office.
  3. It’s about time we stepped out of that ugly coffee novice zone and became true connoisseurs.
All of the above, not to mention that Intelligentsia has a pretty stellar app on the market, from a sleek user interface to handy tools for those of us who want to expand our bank of coffee knowledge. The app is broken down into four easy-to-access sections: Coffee, Brewing, Brew Timer and About.


This section offers a list of all of the roasts that are currently available, with detailed descriptions of each.

mobile apps, coffee mobile apps, coffee


Cafe Solo, Pourover, Chemex, Cupping, Siphon Brew, French Press . . . name your coffee snob weapon of choice and Intelligentsia will show you how to use it like a pro with the help of simple instructions and charming illustrations.

mobile apps, coffee mobile apps, coffee

Brew Timer

Oh, the utility. Under the Brew Timer section, select the device you’re using and the app will send you to a handy pre-loaded timer. No more panicked outcries of “how long do I let the coffee brew in the french press?!?!” at this office. Ok, that’s never happened. But now it never has to!

mobile apps, coffee mobile apps, coffee


Get info on Intelligentsia locations, direct trade, projects and the company itself by clicking on each of the Intelligentsia decals below.

mobile apps, coffee mobile apps, coffee

Cheers to good coffee and apps that are actually useful. Intelligentsia for iPhone is available for free in the App Store. And be sure to check out our past favorite apps.