4 IFTTT Recipes to Boost Productivity, Save Time

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It can be frustrating trying to coordinate all the tasks you may need to do as a brand marketer. From content writing, to social updates, to blogger outreach, the variety of tasks you do can change from day to day. That’s why it’s important to have some kind of a system in place to help keep you in control, on time and on task. The service If This Then That has made it easier for users to complete simple and annoying tasks by simply putting a “recipe” in place. Although the recipes run the gamut from Flickr updates to WordPress blogs, there are a few in particular that you can use to boost your productivity and make your tasks a little less daunting or annoying.

Vine video upload to Facebook page

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If you’ve launched your brand into the world of Vine, you can save yourself a little time by linking it with your Facebook page with this IFTTT recipe. As soon as you upload your Vine, it will automatically post on your brand’s Facebook page. Although it’s not necessarily a timesaver, it will help keep you more organized.

WordPress blog to LinkedIn update

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This is an excellent recipe for B2B brands to take advantage of. With this recipe, any new WordPress blog that is assigned to a specific category will automatically be posted to your company’s LinkedIn page. It’s great for company news, and it’s also a good option for companies currently hiring (especially if you have a blog category dedicated specifically to career opportunities).

Starred Gmail creates Wunderlist task

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If you are involved in a lot of email marketing, blogger outreach, or just fielding emails from interested third parties, a good way to keep on top of your email-related tasks is implementing this recipe. Every time you star a Gmail message, a Wunderlist task is automatically created.

Auto upload Flickr photos to Facebook

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If you have multiple networks where you share brand-related photos, you can cut down your upload time with this recipe. Every time you upload an image to your Flickr account, it will automatically be uploaded to your Facebook, as well. Timesaver? Definitely.

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