Celebrate Mother’s Day with 5 Great Promo Ideas

mothers day promotions

It’s finally starting to feel like spring, which means that the major warm-weather holidays are getting closer and closer. Coming up first and probably catching a lot of consumers a little off guard is Mother’s Day. Although customers may be procrastinating buying something for mom, this presents an excellent opportunity for brands to convert fans into customers. Here are some ideas to build some digital buzz around your brand for Mother’s Day.

Offer a gift with purchase (and then promote it).

If you give customers the impression that they’ll get more for their money, they’ll be more inclined to buy. Speak with your team about finding a great bonus gift that you can throw in with every Mother’s Day-related purchase, or with purchases carrying a certain price tag. It could be as simple as a box of chocolates. Whatever it is, promote it across all of your social networks. Using Facebook’s new relaxed guidelines, you can even advertise it as a part of your cover photo.

Host a mother & child dress alike, look alike photo contest.

Staging a contest in honor of Mother’s Day can be a great way to drum up engagement. Establish a brand and contest-specific hashtag, and have customers/fans snap a shot of themselves with their mothers. It’s a simple and easy prompt for interested fans to follow, but it’s an excellent way to get user-generated content. To continue the theme of the holiday, the prize itself should emphasize time together with mother and child (e.g. a gift certificate to a restaurant for a family dinner, a gift certificate to a local spa, etc.).

Create a Pinterest board full of Mother’s Day inspiration.

It can be very difficult to pick out Mother’s Day gifts, so most of the time buyers just turn to the old standbys of candy and flowers. Make the decision a little easier for your customers by creating a Pinterest board full of your brand’s products that would make great Mother’s Day gifts. By giving people a specific list, along with links to complete the purchase, you’ll guide them through the process, making it a much easier decision for them. Just be sure to promote that board across all of your social sites.

Create a coupon code that saves customers money and urges them to share it with siblings.

Mother’s Day always feels like one of those holidays that comes up suddenly. As a result, a lot of purchases might be panicked, last-minute buys. To help encourage customers to get on the ball, send out an email blast with a coupon code promising a percentage off. Then encourage recipients to pass the code along to their siblings so that they, too, can do something nice for mom. You can include it as a direct call to action and even have a button labeled “forward” in the body of the email to help ensure they act. This will also help open up your potential customer base.

Offer fast, free shipping for procrastinators.

Appeal to the forgetful and procrastinators by offering free or reduced shipping guaranteed to arrive by Mother’s Day. If you can’t afford to cut the rates, guide the buyers through the purchase telling them they’ll get it by Mother’s Day if they choose a specific shipping rate/option.

What promo tactics are you using for Mother’s Day? Share your ideas with us!