How To Promote A Blog Post in 5 Easy Steps

Writing quality content takes time and effort, but if no one reads your posts, what’s the point? These five digital promotion tactics will help you build exposure and momentum for the content you work so hard to produce.

1. Optimize content for various social sites

You probably know by now that blasting the same messaging format across all of your social networks is not the most engaging strategy. We’ve found that posting an accompanying photo works well on Facebook and Google Plus, while to-the-point messaging earns clicks on Twitter. Meanwhile, Pinterest users are attracted to tutorials and top ten lists. Creating custom posts for each platform certainly takes more time, but it also creates more value for your followers.

Facebook Promotion

2. Mention stakeholders on social media

When you mention a product, thought leader or blog within a post, be sure to give them a heads up via social media. It’s a great chance to make valuable connections and chances are, they’ll share your content with their own network. In the example below, Tzafrir Rehan, founder of Do Share, shared our post about the Google Plus posting tool thanks to a quick Google Plus shout out.

Mention Stakeholders

3. Reach out to industry blogs and thought leaders

Sharing your content with the right people can exponentially increase its reach. A few months back, two of our Best Landing Page Designs posts were featured in Unbounce’s 23 Slam Dunk Landing Page Posts You Shouldn’t Miss, and we still see a steady stream of traffic from these high quality links.

Blog Links

4. Add a link in your email signature

If you send out countless emails every day, why not tuck in a link to your latest content? We manually update our email signatures on a weekly basis, but there are tools out there that automatically update your email signature with the most recent content from your blog.

Email Signature

5. Mention content in your newsletter

Including your best content in company newsletters reminds subscribers that you consistently publish quality articles. Including an image and quick intro with your link makes the article all the more enticing.

Email Newsletter

What creative tactics do you use to promote blog posts and other content?