Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond Find Success with Social Email Blasts

We recently discussed how email best practices have expanded to include social links and features in brand emails. It’s now considered a best practice to include links to all of your brand’s social profiles, even your YouTube and Pinterest accounts.

social media-focused email marketing

Unfortunately, a problem that brands can run into is having subscribers gloss over these links completely. After all, in comparison to the rest of the body of the email, they’re often listed below or dwarfed by sale information. Well, Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s have both taken this problem and created a solution in a specifically social email blast. Here’s what they did.

social media-focused email marketing

For Bed Bath & Beyond, the design of the email serves as its most interesting and important feature. The theme, “get in the social swing,” is cute if not clever, and the accompanying animation adds to it. The logos for each of their social networks are prominent and instantly recognizable, and the links to each of these profiles (along with a brief description of what would-be subscribers and followers can expect from each) are listed directly below the graphic. Although the email includes links to giveaways and products, the emphasis is placed on the company’s social presence, ensuring it’s not overlooked.

social media-focused email marketing

Like Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, too, recently sent out an email blast focusing on its social presence. Although its message is lacking in the animation department, it certainly makes up for it in the style department. Each social profile is briefly described, complete with the appropriate social logo and photos of example posts on each. Macy’s didn’t limit the email to just its popular social profiles, either, also included is a link to its style-focused blog and a link to its Tumblr page. (You can click on the screencaps of the emails for a full-size view.)

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