Holiday Marketing: Nasty Gal’s Stocking Stuffers


When it comes to marketing for the holiday season, it makes total sense to follow a “12 Days of Christmas” theme or something similar. I rarely open any email that mentions anything about the holidays, only because I assume that the brand has dressed up their regular deals in glitter font and tinsel. But when I received an email from Nasty Gal entitled “Get Lucky: 1¢ Stocking Stuffers!” I just had to open it. Even if it was bound to be a trick, they got me. Here’s why it worked so well.


First, the headline caught my eye.  Then, the content of the email was pretty enticing as well.

Nasty Gal's "Get Lucky" Promo You can view the full email here.

The items featured for a 1¢ were somewhat small, but when they’re showcased in gold, glitter, and the price tag, I am encouraged to keep reading!  There is a scavenger hunt on Nasty Gal’s website.  All I have to do is find those items throughout the website and I can purchase them for 1¢. So, of course, I go to the website.


The link directs me to What’s New at Nasty Gal. While searching for a gold eyeliner pen or hat, I find at least five different items that I want to purchase. “Why yes I’d love that sweater.” “Better add that sequin maxi skirt to my Christmas list…for myself.” I make it to the bottom of the page and I have already forgotten the scavenger hunt, but the goal wasn’t to get me to buy something for a penny. Smart thinkin’, Nasty Gal.

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At the bottom of the web page is a set of links to Nasty Gal’s fan pages. I click a few of those links, curious to see if others know of this scavenger hunt, and am delighted to see that this contest is well-integrated throughout every Nasty Gal property. The Instagram shot is lovely:

Nasty Gal's "Get Lucky" Promo

And here’s where I find out that half the items are sold out, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Overall, Nasty Gal does a great job leading the customer from one screen to the next, creating a sense of urgency to look through their holiday sales. This is just one small example of fun holiday marketing, but what stands out most here are execution and integration.

What other fun holiday marketing campaigns have you seen this year? And if you’re looking for holiday-related digital promotions, we’ve identified some great ones here.