The Happiest Instagram on Earth: Disney


Disney’s Instagram¬†account is one that we all desire to have. Not just because it’s magical and adorable, but it features a variety of content that every brand should attempt to include for their own accounts.

If you can incorporate even just a few of these types of content, you too can have the happiest Instagram on Earth.


People want to follow your brand story. What a better way to tell it than through pictures?

Of course Disney’s story is on a much larger scale, but small throwbacks are engaging in most cases, hence the popularity of #ThrowbackThursday.


Disney features great behind-the-scenes action from their parks to movie premieres. Followers get an exclusive look at daily Disney life. Other brands can do this by featuring employees on the job, showing work culture/events, or how products are made.


Disney paid tribute to Shirley Temple with an archived image featuring the actress and Walt Disney. It was sweet, simple, timely, and relatable.


Of course Disney has plenty of entertaining content to share with its followers. But the special part is how entertaining product placements can be, such as this one for a new Tigger toy:

Visually Appealing

Lastly, since Instagram is very visual, Disney presents great visuals. Even with simple shots, the angles used are interesting. When capturing Instagram shots for your brand, play with different angles and filters that your audience may find interesting.

What are some other types of content that you feel are crucial to brand Instagram accounts? Let us know in the comments below.