GymPact + RunKeeper Pays You to Exercise

GymPact, runkeeper, exercise appsNeed an incentive to workout? When good health and a sleek physique aren’t motivating enough, the added benefit of monetary gain holds some serious appeal. This is the very basis of the GymPact app, which pays its users to hit the gym. With the GymPact + RunKeeper integration, outdoor workout enthusiasts can also bank on their body-building pursuits.

So where exactly is GymPact raising the money to pay us? As most payoffs go, there is a slight catch. If you miss a workout that you had initially committed to, you are putting your stakes on the line and will instead owe the money you could have earned. The incentive of possible earnings versus looming losses is what GymPact hopes will motivate users to tie up their laces.

To count towards your Pact, all workouts must be at least 30 minutes long with a minimum of ½ miles distance and any outdoor activities (runs, walks and bikes) must by tracked by RunKeeper’s GPS.

And for you slick mafia-minded tricksters: only one workout counts towards your Pact per day, so you are unable to double up on the drills. Workouts are also maxed out at 3 hours long. If you’re playing by the rules yet are unsure if you’ve reached the minimum quota, an additional 5 minutes of extra activity is helpful.

Not interested in a hefty wallet as a reason to workout? Users are finding creative ways to crank up the calisthenics. “I’ll be donating my earnings to Planned Parenthood once I reach $100,” states runner Anna on the GymPact blog.

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