Get Paid for iPhone Photography with Foap

Traditional photographers beware! The ongoing controversy of iPhone photography continues in favor of iPhoneographers with the free app Foap.

Many iPhone users take the minimalist approach when it comes to technology, and it is beginning to serve them well. Going well beyond the effortless Instagram realm, iPhone photos are becoming increasingly recognized as an acceptable form of art, no clunky camera required! The launch of the latest iPhone app Foap allows iPhoneographers (yes, this has been unofficially dubbed the professional term, and haters gon’ hate) to upload and sell their images for a $10 revenue per photo. Earnings are then split in half between Foap and the photographer with each individual photo available for innumerable sales.

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Photo manipulation rules vary, and each photo must be manually pre-approved for sale by the Foap team. (One can only imagine how many baby and pet pictures they have to rummage through). Even so, Foap is gathering competitive acclaim to the likes of popular stock photo sites including Gettyimages and

Created and tested in Sweden by tech gurus David Los and Alexandra Bylund, Foap welcomed over $5k in photo sales in its homeland since its May 15 launch and has now made it to the US and UK for further growth. The app’s photo missions menu only features Swedish-based assignments, but it will only be a matter of time until US pursuits are added.

To get more exposure, users are encouraged to follow and rate each other (on a scale of 1-5 stars).

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