Gramory Gives Instagram a Fresh Look

In love with Instagram, but not in love with the interface? Gramory may be the solution to your photographic problems.

Gramory was released at the end of February and gives you the best of Instagram, but in a sleeker, more attractive and easier to navigate interface.


Rather than aligning your feeds along the bottom of the screen like Instagram, Gramory aligns them along the left side of the screen. The trends of the moment are also listed individually, making it more like a Twitter feed and easier to navigate. By tapping a user’s name, you are also navigated to that user’s stream with their photos and stats.


If you find the menu annoying, it’s easy to get rid of — just swipe to the left once you’ve chosen the feed you want to view. You can also view other photos in that feed by, once again, swiping to the left. Other photos in the stream will appear along the right side of the screen. As you can see from my own feed, lonelybrand’s own Winston the kitten is an excellent subject.

So far, the app is getting good reviews, but the main complaint is that you can’t actually take photos while in it. So, you still have to rely on Instagram to shoot and post your photos. But for those of us who’ve longed for a better user interface for Instagram, it seems that our wishes have been granted.

Gramory is available for free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

What do you think of Gramory? Has it solved the problems you had with Instagram, or is it unnecessary? Find us on Twitter and share your thoughts with us. You can also check out any apps you may have overlooked with our past favorite apps.