Get Ready for Wearable Marketing

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Google Glass. Moto 360. Possibly an Apple iWatch? Wearable smart devices aren’t some far-flung piece of future technology. Wearable smart devices are here.  Since the introduction of cell phones and laptops, computer technology has become increasingly more portable. Smartphones. Tablets. Now, smart glasses and smart watches are beginning to make their way to consumers. As marketers, you have probably spent the last few years trying to convince your corner office that they needed to get onto mobile: create mobile ads, responsive design web sites, apps, etc. That tough battle is not over yet, but now, mobile marketing is going to take on a new dimension in mobile.

What do we need consider as marketers?

What does responsive design look like for wearable tech?

We know that consumers use the Internet differently on different devices. Ask yourself the question: How might consumers internet usage change when they access it through a watch or a device like Google Glass? For instance: smartwatches might not have the same keyboard functionality as smartphones or tablets and many of their functions may need voice control, or single button control. How might this affect your app and site design?

Think quick

Think about how you check a watch. You glance at it briefly. Wearable tech will probably be the same. Any marketing campaign you design that makes use of the screen on a wearable will need to be simple, and direct. The devices should be excellent for building brand awareness, but might not work as well for driving engagement.

This is NOT an excuse to create more disruptive marketing

Some marketers (and we won’t say who) probably look at wearable tech and salivate at the possibilities for disruptive marketing campaigns. Just remember: what’s best for your fans is best for your brand, and annoying marketing campaigns do not engender loyalty.

Check ins

What kind of social platforms might wearables add value to? How about check in based services like Foursquare? With wearables, you could just tap your watch a couple of times and quickly check in at your favorite bar or restaurant.

Think fit

The market for fitness band has already exploded. It stands to reason that fitness tracking will be a key component of smartwatches and smartglasses.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about the wearable market is we don’t really know exactly what its going to look like. Will Android-based smartwatches dominate the market? Or are we looking at a future where everyone wears Google Glass? Only time and the wisdom of the market can really tell. Despite this, it does seem certain that wearable technology is going to become a major part of all of our lives very soon, if it isn’t already.