The Future of Mobile Commerce


Due to its many advantages and the fact that only a small segment of buyers currently use mobile apps in shopping, mobile commerce provides plenty of opportunities for growth in the future. In the year 2015, you can expect more retailers to invest in mobile apps because it will make shopping easier for their customers and it will also boost their sales and expand their reach. And as more financial firms start content marketing programs, this behavior becomes even more relevant. Here are some of the benefits of mobile commerce apps:

Mobile Commerce and Mobile Apps

Richer data capture: More than traditional web analytics, mobile apps offer you richer data for your ecommerce store. You will be able to capture a lot of data in real time which you can then use to personalize the shopping experience of your customers. Some of the data that you will be able to capture will include images, text, numbers, signatures, and even GPS locations. It is a more efficient data capture tool that will offer decision makers more material to work with for accurate targeting of customers.

Fast and easy to use: Mobile apps are faster and easier to use, making them reliable tools that customers can apply to search for and purchase products. You can get an even better experience if you work with robust platforms such as the Magento ecommerce-to-mobile app.

Portability: One of the advantages of mobile is portability. Mobile devices are small, light and easy to carry around. You can even use them on the go. In a mobile application environment where retailers and developers are increasingly focusing on location-aware apps, it will be easier for buyers to locate stores and even pop in to grab some fresh deals in the marketplace.

Instant enrollment: Unlike web-based platforms where enrollment involves filling out plenty of forms with details such as name, email, passwords etc., mobile enrollment is simple and seamless. It is possible for buyers to enroll in just a single step via SMS. In case you want to sign up consumers for promotional activities, it will be very easy for you to do s0 via mobile apps.

Another popular technique that is increasingly being used by retailers involves scanning a bar code or a QR code which will then automatically enroll the buyer into a particular promotional program. That technology could be handy for grocery stores or retail environments. Apart from making online shopping a lot easier for your customers, mobile apps will also improve the productivity of your business in a very significant way.


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