Digital Marketing Toolbox: Followerwonk


Wondering how your Twitter presence stacks up against your competitors and colleagues? Followerwonk lets you make the comparison instantly, on several levels.


What does it offer?

Social authority analysis

Based on your influence, number of followers, frequency of posts and other factors, users are assigned a social authority score. Since the score is only based on Twitter presence, it uses a bit of a different approach than Klout, and it’s interesting to compare it to your Klout score, if you already have one.

Twitter follower analysis

Users can map the locations of the tweeters a particular brand follows, as well as their social authority, gender, account ages and total number of tweets posted.

Twitter bio search

Users can find new tweeters to follow and connect with by searching for relevant keywords within their Twitter bios.

User comparison

Users can compare their social authority versus that of their competitors. They can also see how their followers overlap, if at all, along with other stats.

Although users can get those stats for free, power users might be interested in paid features that also include the ability to track and sort followers.

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