Facebook Messenger: Worth the Mandatory Download?

facebook messenger

Facebook really wants you  to download Facebook Messenger. So much so, that they are removing the chat option from the main Facebook iOS and Android apps. In the coming weeks, you will be asked to download the standalone Messenger app or forever lose your option to chat through Facebook. Kinda cruel, huh?

As Facebook continues to develop and focus on the standalone Messenger app, it makes sense to try and point users in its direction. Chatting through the main app can become complicated, while browsing Newsfeed, checking notifications, and many other tasks that may arise. It makes sense to have a different app just for chatting with Facebook friends, but not everyone will be thrilled to use Messenger.

The biggest drawback of being forced to download a standalone app is that you’re being forced to download yet another app. Who wants a whole folder just dedicated to Facebook apps? There are users who enjoy the convenience of having all Facebook functions in one app, and won’t want to bother with downloading more.

On the plus side, not all users will be forced into Messenger captivity. If you have a super old Android device with low-memory, use the iPad app, or use Facebook’s Paper app, you can continue to use Messenger without downloading a separate app.

Messaging apps are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the teen users that Facebook is losing. With the acquisition of WhatsApp, one can only wonder where Facebook will try to take its messaging services in the future. But until then, if you still want to chat with your Facebook friends on your phone, it’s time to clear out some room for a new Facebook download.

Have you already downloaded, or will you download Facebook Messenger?