With Recent Algorithm Changes, Will Small Brands Abandon Facebook?


If you manage a Facebook page for a brand, you may have noticed a big change recently. No, not the changes to the newsfeed layout, though you can learn more about that shift here. The change is actually this:

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.24.10 PM

That’s right: recently Facebook made a change to the algorithm it uses to display content in the pages of a brand’s followers. The change has drastically reduced the organic visibility of posts by brands large and small.

Facebook claims they made this change for the sake of their users. Facebook users do not want to be barraged with posts by brands. They go on Facebook to see pictures of their friends’ and families’ babies, puppies, and assorted meals while sharing their own pictures of workouts they completed and inspirational quotes about libraries.

While Facebook certainly seems to have a point with this statement, it’s also easy to surmise that their intentions are less noble than the social media giant claims. After all, a brand can still maintain their post visibility by paying for Facebook Ads. In addition to “improving the user experience,” Facebook will likely experience a windfall in ad revenue.

If you are working for a large brand, this probably will not pose much of a problem. Your brand can simply shift budget into running more ads and sponsored posts on Facebook and make up the organic shortfall. However, if you manage a page for a small brand, like a blog or a small business, you may not have the budget to start running Facebook ad campaigns.

It seems likely then, that some brands will abandon or greatly reduce their Facebook marketing efforts and move on to greener pastures. Google Plus produces more user engagement than Facebook. Pinterest is better at driving conversions. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to get information in front of your fans and followers.

It will be important over the course of the next few months to see if brands stay put on Facebook, buying ads or trying new tactics to increase visibility or if there will be an exodus to other channels and social platforms.

How has this shifted your own brand’s Facebook strategy? Will you be looking for engagement elsewhere, or will your budget allow for an increased in paid social? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.