Expanded Quora Credits are Good News for Marketers

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You know Quora, right? That magical place you can go to ask questions and count on getting what, for the most part, are legitimate answers?

Answers to our burning questions are great and all, but we love Quora because when we provide high quality answers, we see a steady stream of equally high quality traffic for B2B websites.

Good stuff. And with Tuesday’s updates, things are getting even better (depending on who you ask).

To ask a question, you’ll have to fork up 50 credits. Quora also introduced a promote function so that users can promote questions and answers they think more people should see.

Panicking about how you’ll get those crazy questions answered? Wondering how you and your business can benefit? Well, how about you go ask someone on Quora. I jest. Keep on reading and I’ll give these lovely questions a good old Quora-style answer.

How can I earn credits?

For every upvote you receive on your content (including questions, board posts and answers), you get credits. You can also earn credits when people ask you specifically to answer questions because of your demonstrated expertise.

I, too, was a bit worried about my credit budget, but with a quick visit to my credits page (housed under the “Account” menu), I was pleasantly surprised to see that my steady Quora habits have paid off. I found myself sitting on a nice little stockpile of credits.

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I have to pay to ask questions?

Yep. It now costs 50 credits to ask a question. Previously, questions were free but users had to pay to have the query show up under certain topics.

How do promotions work?

The promote feature allows Quora users to use credits to increase the number of people who will see a bit of content (a question, answer or board post) in their feed. Essentially, it’s using credits to buy a larger reach for a question or answer.

You’ll know when you’re looking at a piece of promoted content when you see the grey icon in the upper righthand corner of the post.

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How can I promote answers?

Go to your answer and you’ll see a “Promote Answer” dialogue box on the righthand side. Grab the lever to dictate how many people you want to promote your content to. The credit cost will change based on the reach you choose.

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How can I promote questions?

You can promote your own question or someone else’s using the same procedure as above. Choose how many people you want to get your query in front of and the price will vary accordingly.

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What does this mean for marketers?

The promote function is just one more way to get your content in front of the right people. We know that Quora drives high quality traffic, so there is definite value in the ability to increase the visibility of your answers. It’s a bit arbitrary without segmentation options, but hey, Quora was made for curious humans, not brands, so we’ll take what we can get.

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