Dsg.nr Offers Alternative to Pinterest for Design, Decor Brands


It’s still in beta, but there’s a new niche social network that could potentially give Pinterest a run for its money in the realm of design and home decor. It’s called Dsg.nr.

Dsg.nr is very similar to Pinterest in appearance as well as function. Instead of pins, users simply add elements to their design boards, and instead of pin boards consisting of dozens of individual pins, the design boards are closer to collages in appearance. Users can overlap, resize and arrange elements in their design boards, giving it a more realistic feel. They can also search for and add images by pasting image urls, and complete the board by giving it a name and a description.


Users simply browsing products already being used on the site can easily add individual products and elements to their boards later, simply by ‘liking’ them. Those products then appear in a bank of stored ‘likes’ that users can pull from to complete their boards.


Like pins, the individual Dsg.nr board elements and products link directly back to the retailer’s site, helping promote purchases and traffic conversion.

It’s still in beta, so there are some bugs to be worked out. What Dsg.nr presents, though, is a niche social network that, with some goo marketing and early adopters, could position itself as a great tool for designers (and a great place for decor brands to have a presence).

Not ready to give up on Pinterest just yet? Take some notes from Nordstrom’s Pinterest presence and incorporate their strategies into yours.