4 Board Lessons from Nordstrom’s Pinterest Presence

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Now that Pinterest has become a typical part of many brand marketers’ social media strategy, new techniques and board ideas are harder to come by. It can be hard finding inspiration for new boards or even new pins, but we found ourselves with renewed inspiration after taking a look at Nordstrom’s impressive Pinterest presence (4.5 million followers!) and took away some interesting tactics and ideas that can easily be applied to other brands.

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User-generated content is always a great source of shareable content. Even if you’re just curating a list of popular pins or purchases from your customer or follower base, it can serve as an inspiration board for followers who are eager to see what their fellow shoppers are buying. By just taking a look at their stats, the Nordstrom team was able to create a board comprised of their most popular pinned items that shoppers can use as inspiration for future purchases. Can you identify the top pinned items from your own site and curate your own “Most Pinned” board?

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This is a particularly good idea for fashion and style brands as well as bloggers. Curating boards around body shapes and individual body needs allows you to create personalized boards that are relevant to specific segments of your audience without alienating the rest of your fans. Can you translate this idea into personalized, focused boards that would appeal to specific members of your brand’s own audience? Perhaps a board targeted at moms, or a board targeted at social media community managers?

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Cats, cats and more cats. This is a stroke of genius on the part of the Nordstrom social team. Not only are they incorporating a variety of content (products they sell, photos submitted by others), they’re also capitalizing on a popular Internet trend and making it applicable to their brand’s point of view. Cats are big in general, thanks to sites like icanhascheezburger.com, but they’re also a hotly searched item on Pinterest itself. The board is funny, it’s cute and often clever. How can you incorporate a big Internet trend into your brand’s perspective?

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Pricepoints are big, especially if you’re a brand focusing on e-commerce. A common tactic for fashion brands is to curate a list of products that, rather than just being labeled on sale, are categorized by their price. Under $100, under $50, under $25…curating boards according to price is an easy way for shoppers on a budget to find what they’re looking for, and having a pricepoint in your board title is sure to attract attention. Just make sure that the product pins lead directly back to the product page itself, so that shoppers with money to spare are able to get to the page they’re looking for.

Pinterest always has something new up its sleeve. It just introduced browser tracking to suggest pins, so we took a look at how it affects brands.