Digital Marketing Toolbox: Muck Rack

Muck Rack

There are a number of tools out there that can tell you when and where your content has been passed around in the social space. But Muck Rack stands out from the pack for one important reason: it can tell you whether any journalists and bloggers have shared your work. Not only do we know which types of content catches the eye of influencers, we also have the opportunity to personally follow up with them.

To see how your links are making their way around the social web, go to muckrack.com/whoshared/ and plug in your link. In the results, all users are able to see the total social media shares for the link as well as a breakdown of shares according to platform including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus.

Who shared my link?

Below the general social stats, you’ll see the goldmine: the number of journalists or bloggers who shared your link. In order to see who these mysterious writers are, you’ll need to upgrade to a pro account. Wondering how Muck Rack knows who is and isn’t a journalist? According to their website, they’ve “verified thousands of journalists who write for hundreds of publications, TV stations, magazines, popular blogs and websites.” And whenever one of these verified journalists shares your link on social media, they’ll pop up in a Muck Rack search.

The site is also a great tool for content producers, who can verify themselves and build profiles to display work, awards and ultimately build their personal reporter brand.

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