Digital Marketing Toolbox: ClickTale

clicktale wide

How easy is it to navigate through your site? If you can’t take the time to reach out to power users for feedback, or conduct UX tests, you can come to some conclusions with a little help from a service called ClickTale.


ClickTale is a service that allows you to track users’ movements vIa their mouse trails and clicks. With the heat maps feature, the areas with the most action show up as having the hottest activity, while areas that aren’t attracting attention, whether they’re being overlooked or outright ignored, show up on the cool end of the spectrum.


Other features include visitor recordings, real-time monitors, form analytics and conversion funnels to bring a new level of analysis to your pages.

If you’re wondering about the efficacy of your site’s layout, or whether the design of your landing page has been optimized, ClickTale’s reports could help you make small but meaningful adjustments.

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