Best Online Communities: DailyBurn


From Richard Simmons to P90X, the video workout has evolved quite a bit. DailyBurn takes the video workout to a completely new level, allowing users to take their workouts wherever they go.

fiThe workout app features several different workout programs that are accessible right from your smartphone, so you can access them any time, anywhere. You can stream videos to your TV, computer, or your phone, leaving no excuses for skipping your daily workout.

Why is DailyBurn a successful online community? Though it is a mobile app, DailyBurn’s social resources provide its subscribers with not just a daily workout, but a daily support group. DailyBurn provides its prospects and subscribers with two very important things: educational and entertaining content and dependable community management.

Educational & Entertainment are Key

DailyBurn focuses providing its fans with multiple health and fitness resources, and not just their own either. You can find anything from quick workouts to healthy recipes, and the occasional plug for premium content. Paired with short and clever posts, even those who do not use DailyBurn’s app have reason to follow their networks.


Dependable Community Management

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of DailyBurn’s online properties is that the website integrates community interaction all around. Subscribers can comment on certain workouts directly from their Facebook accounts and reach out to other subscribers as well.


In addition to workout comments, subscribers can also go to DailyBurn’s Community¬†page for additional assistance. DB’s Community is especially supportive, encouraging newer users to get through any plateau’s and offering first-hand accounts of nutritional and fitness programs. Subscribers can find answers through DB’s moderators, or through other subscribers as well. Regardless, all questions and comments are answered relatively quickly (within a day).

Overall, those who choose to subscribe to the DailyBurn product have an efficient community to reference when they are experiencing issues, looking for information, or emotional support. When evaluating your online communities, it is important to know what kind of support your target audience may look for, and whether or not you have the ability to provide it.

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