Content Marketing Resolutions for the New Year


New Year’s Day is a great time to reflect on the year that’s passed and prepare for the future. Looking toward the latter, why not resolve to make 2015 the year you and your brand get serious about content marketing? In the spirit of the holiday, here are content marketing resolutions for your brand in 2015.

Content Marketing Resolutions for 2015

Less Curating, More Creating

Content curation can continue to be an essential part of your content strategy. However, if at all possible, take this year as an opportunity to invest in creating original content. Creating content has many advantages. Some of them include: you own the content you create, you can customize it to suit your needs and messaging, and it can live on your website which helps SEO and gives users more reason to spend more time on your site.

Invest in Interactive Content

Interactive content¬†allows you to tell a story with your fans instead of at them. With new tools and technology, creating interactive content has never been easier. Plus, by beginning to build interactive content, you’ll have a head start on this increasingly popular marketing trend.

Build a Presence On YouTube

Whether you write and record your own videos, or partner with existing YouTube influencers, it’s time to get on YouTube. YouTube is rapidly becoming one of the main means by which consumers, particularly young consumers, view content. If you want to reach the people you want to reach, you have to be on YouTube in some form.

Keep it Short

The Internet runs on shorter content. While longer videos and articles certainly have their place, make sure your content gets to the point, lest you lose those with shorter attention spans.


Regardless of whether you choose one, or all of these resolutions for 2015, make this year the year of content marketing to set your brand up for future success.