3 Ways Burberry’s “Kisses” Spurs User Engagement

burberry google kisses

Burberry and Google caught tech writers’ and marketers’ attention a couple of weeks ago when they introduced their joint “Kisses” project. The app/site allows users to capture their own kisses via a webcam or touchscreen device and then send them with a personalized message to loved ones. It’s a clever idea that, at first glance, only seems to offer a one-time service. On further investigation, however, it actually gives users and recipients several opportunities to engage with both brands on a deeper level. Here’s what we mean:

It gets more users engaged with Google Plus.

The fact that the service is powered by Google should give users a hint to one of the methods they can use to deliver their kiss. Depending on their social presence, they can either send it via email or via Google Plus. This is an interesting move, because it gives users a reason to engage with their perhaps forgotten Google Plus profiles, while also covering an option for those who never took the Plus jump.

It gets the sender involved with the Burberry brand.

burberry google kisses

Although “Kisses” is primarily meant to be a one-off email, it still gives users the opportunity to continue interacting with the brand. Before sending their missive, senders have the option of signing up for additional emails from Burberry, including promotions and other communications. This gives the brand the opportunity to turn a one-off app user into a customer.

It gets the recipient involved with the brand, too.

burberry google kisses

On the other end of this, the recipient also gets the chance to continue engaging with Burberry on a consumer level. When the sender is crafting the kiss, they can choose from a number of different lipstick shades. Then, when the kiss is actually sent, the recipient can see what shade was chosen and even click to purchase it. Once again, it’s an opportunity to turn a casual app user into an actual Burberry customer.

Burberry has been doing excellent work in the social space in general. Check out their killer Instagram presence, their behind-the-scenes tweets, and their YouTube account.