Bring New Buzz to Old Content with These Promo Tactics

promote old content

Evergreen content is not only a good way to bring people to your site and your blog months after it’s published, it’s also a good way to boost traffic to your site in other ways. How? By sharing the quality content you already have to new audiences. Get your content in front of more eyes by using these resources.

For videos, promos and recorded webinars…

Check out sites like YouTube, Veoh, Vimeo, Dailymotion. It depends on what your video content consists of, but informative, authoritative and educational video content can easily find a home on sites like YouTube, Veoh and Vimeo. If you have more humorous videos (or want to try them in the future), share them on YouTube and sites like Dailymotion, which would be a better home for them. If you use them, though, make sure that your brand and your home url are clearly listed, making it easier for people to find the rest of your online presence.

For white papers and presentations…

Use sites where you can repost these materials, while also including links back to your main site. Scribd, Docstoc and SlideShare are great places to repost presentations and white papers. Yes, you’re sharing content across different channels, rather than your own site, but you’re also sharing them on sites that probably get far greater traffic than your site or blog does. Tap into that resource by sharing your expertise with them, and then help bring some of that traffic to your site by sharing your main site url. You can also host this material on these sites and then embed them in future blog posts.

For particularly good blog posts…

Share the links to others in your industry via sites like BizSugar and Blog Engage. Of course, not all of your blog posts will work as material worthy of sharing or promoting to other audiences. But if it’s helpful and based on great advice or insight, don’t be afraid to share it. These sites will help bring more traffic back to your site, and put your content in front of fresh eyes. Keep in mind, though, that some of these services charge you to submit. Do your homework beforehand to make sure you get the most blog bang for your buck.

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