Promote and Discover Content from Your Colleagues with BizSugar

Why do you create content? Is it to attract potential customers? Is it to share tips and advice to colleagues in your industry? If you’re aiming to share your experiences and wisdom with other entrepreneurs and small business, or to find tips and advice from others, BizSugar is an excellent resource.

Share Your Own Content

bizsugar content marketing

If you want to reach people within your industry, this is an excellent place to do it. The site centers around small business and entrepreneur-related issues — including marketing, customer service and social media. If you excel in any of those areas, and have news or expertise you can share, don’t be afraid to submit it to the site. The more helpful people find it, the higher they will vote it and the greater the chance it will be seen by people who can use it. It also a great place to ask people to contribute their own takes on the topic in the comments, and can give you inspiration for future content.

Find Helpful Tips and Articles

bizsugar content marketing

Even if you don’t have content to contribute, you can find inspiration and advice from other contributors. Browse content by section (marketing, finance, management, technology, startups), or check out some of the most popular or most recent contributions and find some undiscovered nuggets of wisdom.

Vote For and Favorite Great Articles

bizsugar content marketing

You can build great relationships with your fellow contributors by voting for helpful pieces to help make them more popular, or by favoriting pieces so you can refer to them again and again. By building relationships and building connections in the community, you can help establish your authority as an expert in your industry.

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