Brands That Are Embracing Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is becoming an increasingly larger part of the mobile and digital world. So much so, in fact, that an entire presentation was devoted to it during last year’s SXSWi and 3M released an AR app designed specifically for SXSW. Although AR can be fun to experiment with, what value does it really have for a brand? As it turns out, it can be an incredible resource for the right brand. Three major brand industries can benefit from the adoption of AR apps and site features. Here’s a look at a few of those industries and the brands already incorporating them.


augmented reality for brands

Look for more fashion brands to start embracing AR in their apps and sites. Although PearleVision isn’t a “fashion” brand, the brands of glasses they carry certainly are, and the idea behind their Pick My Pair feature is one fashionistas would love. By uploading a photo, users can then “try on” their favorite styles, taking the guesswork out of making their purchase. The feature even gives users the option to share their favorite looks with friends and family, giving them the opportunity to vote for their favorites.

Home Decor

augmented reality for brands

The tasks of home renovation and redecorating aren’t exactly easy. Often what looks great in-store doesn’t have the same impact once it’s brought home. You’ve seen countless decorators use AR to show their vision on HGTV, now expect to see more apps being designed specifically for customers. Udecore (currently only available through the UK iTunes store) is leading the way in this arena. The app allows users to play with the layout of their chosen room, the color of the furniture and the style of the pieces to find the perfect combination. Although the app is inviting furniture brands to submit their catalogs to be included in the app, we expect more brands will be creating their own apps like this.

Home Electronics

augmented reality for brands

The task of buying large electronics is made more difficult when you can’t visualize the amount of space you have or the space the piece will need. Panasonic is making that task easier by offering an AR-based app that helps buyers visualize how a TV would look in their space. Though the process isn’t as easy as the previous examples, it does give viewers a more complete picture (including the ability to view the product from multiple angles). We think this idea could even be expanded beyond large electronics into the world of large appliances (wouldn’t it be nice to “see” that bright red washer and dryer set in your apartment before actually buying it?).

What other industries would be perfect for augmented reality? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.