3M Brings SXSW To You

Even though our Twitter feeds and regular Internet haunts have been saturated with SXSW news, we lonelybranders didn’t get a chance to make the trip and check it out in person. If you’re like us, you might be wondering how you can sift through the thousands of posts about SXSW to get to the highlights of the events. Lucky for us, and you, 3M has an app for that.

sxsw   sxswThe 3M Interactive Wall app allows you to ‘join the conversation’ and see the innovative ideas SXSW-ers are experiencing in realtime. People attending the events can download the app and share the most innovative idea they’ve heard at SXSW Interactive. They can then take a picture of themselves at the 3M Innovator Hot Spot and post their photo and idea on the 3M Innovation Conversation Wall. It’s almost enough to make up for the fact that we aren’t there in person…almost.

You can download the 3M Interactive Wall app for iPhone or iPad for free!

Did you attend SXSW? Do you want to rub it in that you got to see the innovation firsthand? Find us on Facebook and tell us about your favorites.