Brands Making Pinterest Fun

Countless articles have been written about Pinterest, its effectiveness and the opportunities it potentially provides for brands. Although it’s not the ideal social media platform for all brands, it can afford some brands the opportunity to make fun and creative boards that engage followers and fans while still promoting their products. Here are a few of our favorites.


Just like its other social media accounts, the ThinkGeek Pinterest profile perfectly embodies the fun, smart aleck attitude that their company represents. Straightforward product shots are interspersed with shots of the goodies in action, always with tongue firmly in cheek. With the EVERYTHING pinboard, followers are kept informed about new products while being entertained – a perfect device for reaching their audience.

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Although Amazon has an extremely limited presence on Pinterest, their sole pinboard contains plenty of products that have the potential to be pinned and repinned. A frightening horse mask? Yup, weird and wacky pretty much sums it up.

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Undoubtedly one of the biggest brands in the world, Coca-Cola has a good grasp of social media and that has translated into the brand’s Pinterest account. All five of Coke’s pinboards involve informal, creative and sometimes inspirational photos of Coke fans in action with or without their favorite beverage. Our favorite boards have to be the Be Together and Be In The Moment collections. They’re attractive and enjoyable to look at, and perfectly embody the lifestyle attitude that Coke and other pop brands work to portray in their ads.

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Fans even have the opportunity to have their own photos added to the boards if they submit them through Flickr.

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Diet Pepsi

Although Pepsi proper isn’t represented on Pinterest yet, Diet Pepsi has stepped up to the plate with a handful of their own boards. The Diet Pepsi pinboard collection is a mix of product-related boards and purely fun boards, which undoubtedly increases the brand’s chance of being repinned. Our favorite board in terms of creativity, though, is the Diet Pepsi Style Studio Sketches board. It rounds out the fashion show-related boards, and offers an inside look at what goes into designing for an event. It also serves as a great showcase for the fans who were lucky enough to see their designs turned into reality.

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Have you noticed other brands that have taken a fun and creative approach to their Pinterest accounts? Share them with us, and be sure to check out our own lonely pins!