Brace Yourselves, Disqus Sponsored Comments are Coming

sponsored comments

Brands, get ready to be acquainted with a new digital advertising opportunity. After some initial limited testing, the Disqus team is rolling out a new advertising opportunity for brands — Sponsored Comments. Here’s an example of a Sponsored Comment that you might come across:

tumblr_inline_n3o6cvA7q21qkoqcbIn a recent blog post, the Disqus team explained the feature, noting that it operates in much the same way as a normal comment…

Sponsored Comments let businesses deliver a message to the people they need to reach. A Sponsored Comment can use all types of media to get their point across, just like any other Disqus comment. But they’re not part of the discussion happening on that thread or community itself. That’s too disruptive.

The post goes on to explain that one of the key differences is that Sponsored Comments will be pinned at the top of their respective comment threads so as not to disrupt the conversations that will naturally form below. The hope is that this pinned comment’s material will be so enticing, readers take the extra step to expand and explore the content further.

While causal users might be quick to complain, this presents brands with yet another opportunity to push their content to their target audience.

What do you think about Disqus’ Sponsored Comments? Have you seen examples of them already? Share your thoughts with us below!