There’s an App for That: Colgate SmileCapsule Photo Slideshow

This week’s featured app is Colgate® SmileCapsule. The handy photo-based application transforms a users’ iPhone into a fully customizable slideshow generator. The app’s allows users to choose from an assortment of transitions, add captions and even music or  voice recordings over the slideshow. The “capsule” component allows users to lock a slideshow so that it cannot be opened until a given date.

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Revolutionary? Yep.

Colgate could have easily developed a mediocre app based on toothpaste stats or smile whiteners, but instead they went the revolutionary route by building something that makes it easy to capture and share happy memories. It’s a fun and functional app that incorporates a household brand name in a subtle way. Check out the Colgate® SmileCapsule Photo Slideshow in the app store.

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