Best Landing Page Designs: Help A Reporter Out

Help A Reporter Out

Help A Reporter Out is one of those tricks every communications professionals should have up their sleeve. For content producers, HARO is a great tool for fielding quotes when you don’t have a particular expert in your personal rolodex. On the public relations side, HARO is an excellent way to connect with journalists looking for sources — sources that could easily get you and your company placement in a number of well-known publications.

HARO recently started using online display ads to drive up its user base, and hopefully with that the quantity and quality of sources and reporters.


Users who click the display ad above are taken to the following landing page, which employs a number of techniques to maximize signups.

Support testimonials with visuals

Studies show that imagery makes social proof more believable, so it’s wise for HARO to support the provided testimonials with visuals. First, they drop the logos of various big name publications that use their service. Toward the bottom of the page, they throw in a headshot of a satisfied user next to his complimentary quote.

Focus on one audience

HARO is really a service for two separate audiences: reporters and PR people. But since two separate messages and two separate calls to action would complicate the conversion process, HARO sticks to the audience the ad appealed to: those seeking publicity.

Give current users a place to go

Finally, since HARO is already widely used, there’s a definite chance that the display ad will catch the attention of pre-existing users. Rather than alienating this crowd, HARO provides a log in call to action to help them reengage with the service.


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