Be Still, My Heart: 3 Fun Valentine’s Day Promos

How do we love Valentine’s Day? Let us count the ways… In addition to being a great opportunity to market products and services, Valentine’s Day also gives brands an opportunity to try out some clever marketing techniques and put together some creative imagery. Be our valentine, and check out a few of our holiday promos below.

Themed Collections/Album

valentine's day promo

Create collections, albums or themed pinboards of ideal gifts for your customers’ loved ones. Instead of creating a generic grouping of gifts from the heart, however, target them for specific loved ones. Etsy created the collection above to feature some of its sellers’ more manly and rugged items, but you could just as easily create themed collections targeted at girlfriends, mothers, etc. Depending on what your brand sells, you could also create funny or quirky collections like “Gifts to get you out of the doghouse” or “Geek love.”

A Valentine For Your Customers

valentine's day promo

We know you love your customers. And we know that coupon codes are always a hit. If you decide to take this tried and true approach, dress it up a bit by creating some fun imagery to accompany it. Revisit your elementary school days and create a fun and clever valentine — featuring the coupon code, of course — to include in an email blast to customers. They’ll appreciate the thought and the savings.

Singles Awareness Day Promos

valentine's day promotion

Of course, with Valentine’s Day comes Singles Awareness Day, and with it comes the opportunity to advertise to an even broader group. Although you’ll want to approach this promotional idea carefully, you can exercise a bit of creativity and humor to advertise to the single or anti-Valentine’s Day crowd. Perhaps it’s a deal on a single entree at your restaurant. Maybe it’s a sale on a single spa appointment. Or, like the West End Grill promotion, you can use it to put a twist on the traditional happy hour. February 15 is generally recognized as Singles Awareness Day, so your brand could even follow your normal Valentine’s promo with this less conventional holiday promo.

Of course, the holidays don’t stop after Valentine’s Day. Stay inspired with themed sales and promotions all year long with our holiday Pinterest ideas.