3 Year-Round Holiday Pinterest Strategies

Pinterest was the social media darling for every brand last year, and although its community continues to grow, many brands have reduced the time they spend on it. Maybe they jumped on the Pinterest boat too quickly, maybe they didn’t discuss their goals — whatever the case, brands can easily regain engagement and boost conversion by crafting great holiday promos throughout the year. No matter the holiday, these three tactics will help bring in new followers, promote your products and engage your current audience.

Secret Gift Boards

pinterest holiday marketing

The introduction of Pinterest’s secret boards was great news for Pinteresters and brands alike. There are plenty of ways for marketers to use them, but brands can invite users to create them to their advantage, as well. For a twist on the pin-it to win-it concept, invite followers to create a secret “gift ideas” board and then pin your brand’s items that they’d love to give to someone else. Keeping them secret will ensure that their loved ones don’t discover their gifts early, and you can always invite them to add your brand’s official Pinterest account to the board so that you can view their pins and offer promo codes to encourage them to purchase.

Gift Guides

pinterest holiday marketing

You can also give your pinners a little inspiration by creating your own holiday-themed gift guide board. Choose holiday appropriate products (perhaps pinning your heart shaped necklace on your Valentine’s themed gift guide board) and be sure to include links to the product purchase page with your price point.

pinterest holiday marketing

By adding in the price point, your pin is then automatically filtered into the Gifts section, making it more visible.

Pin It to Win It Wish List

pinterest holiday marketing

Pin it to win it contests are popular for a reason — people love them. To make yours a holiday themed contest, invite participants to create holiday-themed wish list boards and pin the gift they want most from your brand this season. This will bring new interested followers to your brand, so you may need to require that their pinboard include a certain amount of items (either from your brand or in general) so that it helps filter the number of people who will participate. More enthusiastic fans will be ready to go the extra mile for your brand’s contest, while casual fans or contest-seeking fans, only seek out quick submission methods.

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